Eufy Battery Doorbell Not Syncing: How to Troubleshoot

If your Eufy Battery Doorbell won’t sync and you are not sure how to go about it, keep reading.

In this post, we’ll show what you can do to get this issue resolved. Let’s dive in.

Eufy Battery Doorbell

First off, your Eufy Battery Doorbell may not sync to the Eufy app because of the following reasons:

  • There is no power in your doorbell.
  • You haven’t added your HomeBase 2 to the app yet.
  • Your smartphone and HomeBase2 are connected to different Wi-Fi.
  • You haven’t removed the plastic film from the doorbell.
  • You chose the wrong doorbell type when adding the device to the app.
  • Your Eufy app is outdated.
  • You aren’t pressing the SYNC button long enough.

Keep reading to learn how to fix these issues.

Tips to Troubleshoot Eufy Battery Doorbell Syncing Issues

1. Charge Your Doorbell

Your Eufy battery doorbell needs power to perform most of its functions, and this includes syncing to the app. So, if the doorbell isn’t charged, it won’t sync to the app.

If your Eufy Battery Doorbell isn’t syncing, check that the battery in the doorbell is charged. You can do this by checking the LED indicator on the device. The LED indicator on your doorbell will display a blue light if the battery is charged.

If you don’t see a blue light on your doorbell’s LED indicator, charge the doorbell.

You’ll need a 5V/1A, 5V/2A, or 9V/2A charger to charge the battery doorbell. If you already have any of these chargers at home, insert the USB cable on the charger into the charging port on the doorbell.

You can also charge your Eufy battery doorbell by connecting the USB cable in your doorbell’s package to an adapter.

After charging your doorbell, try syncing the device to the app again. If it doesn’t sync, continue to the next tip.

2. Add Your HomeBase 2 to the App

If your Eufy Battery doorbell isn’t syncing, you might not have added the HomeBase2 to the Eufy app.

Your Eufy battery doorbell can’t sync directly to the Eufy app. Instead, the doorbell syncs to the app through the HomeBase 2.

That said, your doorbell won’t sync to the Eufy app if the Home Base 2 isn’t already connected to the app.

If your doorbell isn’t syncing, check if the HomeBase 2 is already linked to the app. If not, add the device to the Eufy app.

Here’s how to sync your HomeBase 2 to the Eufy app:

  • Open your EufyHome app.
  • Click on Add Device on the home screen.
  • Next, choose Add HomeBase and follow the guidelines in the app. Then tap Next.
  • Wait for a minute. The red LED light on the HomeBase should turn blue now.
  • Scan the QR code at the bottom of the HomeBase.
  • The app will recognize the QR code and automatically move to the next step.
  • Your HomeBase will make a sound now. When you hear the sound, press the SYNC/ ALARM OFF button at the back of the HomeBase.
  • Your HomeBase will connect to the app successfully.
  • Give your HomeBase a name and save it.

Now, restart the installation process for the doorbell and try syncing it again. If the doorbell doesn’t sync, move on to the next tip.

3. Connect Your Phone and HomeBase to the Same Router

Your Eufy Battery Doorbell syncs to your Eufy mobile app through the HomeBase 2. For this connection to be successful, the HomeBase and your phone must be connected to the same router. Otherwise, the doorbell will not sync to the app.

If your Eufy Battery Doorbell is not syncing to the Eufy app, your HomeBase and phone might be connected to the different routers. In that case, you’ll need to disconnect your phone from its current router and connect it to the same router as your HomeBase.

Now, attempt syncing your doorbell to the Eufy app again. Does the doorbell sync this time? If not, go to the next tip.

4. Remove the Plastic Film from Your Doorbell

The plastic film on your Eufy Battery Doorbell protects the device from dirt and corrosion when packaged. However, keeping the plastic film on the doorbell after removing it from the package may affect the device’s functionality.

For instance, your Eufy app might not detect the doorbell when it is covered in plastic film. As a result, your doorbell won’t be able to sync.

If the plastic film is still on your doorbell while you are trying to connect it to the app, remove the film. Then, try connecting your doorbell to the Eufy app again.

If the doorbell fails to sync, continue to the next step.

5. Ensure that You’ve Selected the Correct Doorbell Type in the App

Eufy offers two doorbell types: Wired doorbells and battery doorbells. Perhaps you erroneously selected the Wired Doorbell option instead of Battery Doorbell when adding your battery doorbell to the app.

To fix this issue, restart the setup process for your battery doorbell on the Eufy app. This time, make sure to choose the Battery Doorbell option.

Your battery doorbell should sync now. But if it doesn’t, check the next tip.

6. Update Your Eufy App

Your Eufy battery doorbell may fail to sync because the Eufy app on your phone is outdated and can’t accommodate some features in your doorbell.

Updating your app should resolve this problem.

Follow these steps to update your Eufy app:

  • Open your Google Play Store or App Store (depending on your phone).
  • Enter “Eufy app” in the search bar.
  • The app should appear at the top of the search results.
  • Click on the app to go to the download page.
  • Now tap the Update button on the download page to update the app.

After updating your app, try connecting your Eufy battery doorbell to your Eufy app. If the device still isn’t syncing, move on to the next tip.

7. Brighten Your Room

After you’ve selected Battery Doorbell among the list of Eufy devices, the app will require you to scan the QR code on your doorbell. If you scan the code and the app doesn’t recognize it, your room might be too dark. A dark room may prevent the app from reading the code.

If your Eufy Battery Doorbell doesn’t recognize your QR code, turn on the lights in your room. If the app still can’t read your code after this, enter the code manually.

Your Eufy app should recognize the code now.

If your doorbell doesn’t sync to the app after it has identified your QR code, try the next tip.

8. Ensure that You’ve Pressed the Sync Button for Over 2 Seconds

When the Eufy app directs you to press the SYNC button, you need to press it for at least 2 seconds. If not, your doorbell won’t sync to the app.

To avoid this issue on your next try, press the button for about 3-5 seconds.

Next, try syncing your doorbell to the Eufy app again. A blue light should flash from your doorbell.

If you don’t see the blue light, charge the doorbell battery for about 30 minutes. After charging the battery, press the SYNC button on the doorbell 5 times within 3 seconds.

If the device still fails to sync, proceed to the next tip.

9. Move Your HomeBase 2 Closer to Your Doorbell

If your HomeBase 2 is too far from your doorbell, it might not sync to the device. To prevent this issue, move the HomeBase 2 closer to the doorbell. You should place the HomeBase 2 about 1 meter away from your Eufy Battery Doorbell.

If the doorbell doesn’t sync to the app after this, continue to the next step.

10. Ensure Your Environment is Quiet

The Eufy Battery Doorbell emits a beeping sound if it has successfully synced to the app. If you don’t hear this beeping sound, your environment might be too noisy.

Wait until the area surrounding your room is quiet before trying to sync the device again. If you still can’t hear a beep from the doorbell, press the SYNC button 5 times within 3 seconds.

You should now hear 2 beeps from the doorbell. This means that the device is rebooting.

Now, unplug and replug the HomeBase 2 to its power outlet to power-cycle it.

After doing this, attempt syncing the app again. If this tip doesn’t work, try the final tip.

11. Contact Eufy Support

If your Eufy Battery Doorbell doesn’t sync after you’ve tried all the steps above, reach out to Eufy Customer Support.

The Eufy Support receives a lot of requests from users. So, if you want them to reply to your message, you’ll need to send a video recording of all the steps you’ve taken. Uploading an app log on your eufySecurity app may also facilitate a quick reply.

Follow these steps to create an app log in your eufySecurity app:

  • Tap on Menu (three-lined icon) at the top left side of the page.
  • Click on About. Then select Upload Log.
  • Choose App Logs. Then select Device Logs to log your complaint about your Eufy Battery Doorbell.
  • If you don’t see the Upload Log option after clicking on About, tap on the Eufy logo 5 times. Then select App Log among the options that appear.

Wrapping Up

If your Eufy Battery Doorbell isn’t syncing, charge your doorbell. Then add your HomeBase 2 to the Eufy app before trying to sync the device again. You’ll also need to connect your phone and the HomeBase to the same router.

If these tips fail to work, remove the plastic film from your doorbell. Also, ensure that you selected the correct doorbell type in the app.

Updating your Eufy app might also fix the issue.

Another way to resolve the problem is to brighten your room. You should also ascertain that you’ve pressed the SYNC button on the doorbell for longer than 2 seconds.

Other solutions include moving your HomeBase 2 closer to the doorbell and making your environment quiet.

But if your Eufy Battery Doorbell doesn’t sync after you’ve tried all the tips here, contact Eufy Customer Support.

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